What is Touchstones on Grief?


Touchstones on Grief is a full featured, web based subscription library for the bereaved and the professionals who work with them.  Written by Darcie D. Sims, Ph.D., CHT, CT, GMS, these articles allow funeral homes, support groups, hospitals, hospices, and other organizations to have helpful and hopeful articles on grief for their website.  With more than 40 articles, Touchstones on Grief addresses many grief topics including the Holidays, children and grief, coping skills, helping the bereaved, and helping the caregiver.


When you subscribe to Touchstones on Grief, you receive permission to use the articles on your website, in your newsletters, or just about any other place that grief materials need to be.  It also allows your organization to demonstrate the caring and understanding of the grieving process.  Many times the bereaved are still frozen through the funeral, and it's only weeks or months later that they begin looking for resources.  When you have Touchstones on Grief as a part of your website, you can refer your families to the website for those critical resources.


This unique subscription opportunity is available for a limited time at our introductory pricing levels.  If your order Touchstones on Grief now, your setup fee is only $400 and your annual fee is only $100.  You save more than 25% off our standard pricing if you act now. 


Click here to subscribe to Touchstones on Grief.

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